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To help you decide if my services are right for you, below are links to my latest newsletter; to an interesting article that appeared in the Financial Post in which I was consulted; and a description of the financial planning and tax consulting services that I provide. There is also a link to a description of the various financial planning and accounting designations and what they mean.


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Jonathan joined Page and Associates in 1997 from a Canadian publicly listed company where he was Vice President of Finance. Prior to this he had his own financial planning practice. As a senior advisor Jonathan specializes in estate planning, tax planning and executive compensation with a particular emphasis in reducing the heavy burden of taxation faced by his clients. He is an expert in using conservative investment leverage to potentially increase returns and reduce current taxation.

A resident of Oakville, Jonathan received his B. Sc. (Hon. Geology) from Queen’s University. He went on to achieve his M.B.A. University of Western Ontario. He then spent several years in public practice with an accounting firm, receiving his Chartered Accountant designation in 1980. In 1998 became a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and in 2005 he received his Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designation. He has passed the Canadian Securities Course, the Investment Funds Course, the Branch Manager’s Course and the Officer’s, Partner’s and Director’s Course.

In both 2000 and 2005 Jonathan was selected as a finalist for Advisor of the Year by Advisor’s Edge magazine (click the image to the left to read the case study). He is an active member of the Oakville Club. He is an avid sailor and tennis player.

Financial and tax planning

Since no two of my clients are exactly alike, I custom-tailor my services to fit each family's unique circumstances, needs, and goals.
  1. Initial Assessment and Evaluation
    It all begins with an Initial Assessment and Evaluation meeting, in which I develop an understanding of your situation and objectives.

    At the end of this meeting you will receive a written report which will outline the opportunities and pitfalls of your current situation, and how I can help you achieve your goals. Depending on the outcome of our initial meetings, I will recommend one of three different overall service levels, with the specific components of the service being customized for your particular situation. My overall service levels will include some or all of the following components:

    Life goals analysis, detailed statement of holdings and net worth, cash flow and tax analysis, financial forecasting, risk analysis in case of death or disability, asset allocation analysis and personal efficient frontier, estate tax forecast and distribution analysis, evaluation of alternative accumulation and income strategies, collaborative development of a comprehensive written strategy and action plan, regular reviews with me and a future plan to update your forecast and action plan.

  2. Financial planning service levels
    a) Select Financial Services (SFS) This service level may be appropriate in cases where the family situation and objectives are not sufficiently complex to warrant the development of a comprehensive written strategy. This service level still includes a projection of family wealth through the wealth accumulation, succession and depletion phases, and recommends strategies to most effectively deal with the retirement, death or disability of any and all family members.

    b) Strategic Wealth Enhancement (SWE) This service level begins with the development of a comprehensive written financial strategy document to guide the family through the wealth accumulation, succession and depletion phases, and recommend strategies to most effectively deal with the retirement, death or disability of any and all family members.

    All recommendations are completely objective, in writing, and can be implemented through almost any financial services firm. An annual update of the financial plan forecast, family balance sheet, and action plan are included for a modest retainer.

    c) Family Office Services (FOS) For most affluent families, time is the most precious commodity. Often, it simply is not possible to stay on top of all the family’s personal and business affairs and still have time for one’s true passions, be they one’s children, grandchildren, travel, sport, fashion, charity etc. Very affluent families often have a family office operation, with bookkeepers, accountants, tax and legal expertise, and valets to attend to family business. This ensures a cohesive team that is committed to the family's objectives. Often, these operations are embedded within one of the family's primary businesses, because they require expertise across several disciplines, and because the cost of such a structure can be borne by the business entity.

Tax preparation

You can have your tax returns prepared by a Chartered Accountant (me) for roughly the same price as that charged by a chain type firm staffed by mostly unqualified preparers. And I take the time to carefully check every return before it is submitted. Another advantage is that I keep you well organized – I've discovered that the only way to efficiently process returns is to be ultra-efficient and organized.

If you couple tax preparation with financial planning and other financial services, it's a very powerful combination, because I know so much more about your financial picture – I can pick up things your other guys miss. Financial planning in general is greatly facilitated by having tax information readily at hand and it is much easier to do tax planning when you have the complete picture.

Designations – What Do They Mean?
For a description of the various professional designation relevant to taxation and financial planning please click on Designations - What do they mean?.